"Everything here is good! She did well this year. She got to get ducks, geese and pheasant. If the guy brings out the guns the dogs go nuts [thinking they are going hunting]"


Fremont, Wisconsin

"I can't tell you how pleased I am with him. He is just a wonderful pup, my hats off to you and your breeding, again thank you so much. Some people say you only get one good dog in your life and I got mine."


LaGrange, Indiana

"Lily is doing great... she is quick to learn and exceptionally intelligent. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle whenever you are sitting on the floor. You helped us get the right dog for us, and we are very appreciative. If you need a reference on the quality of the dogs I will be happy to offer my support."

Steve and Deb

Grand Blanc, Michigan

"Great news today Morgan made his first live pigeon retrieve. He was great he made four retrieves total and he brought them back to hand. I think this was fantastic for a 15 week old pup. He loved it when I tossed the pigeon in the tall grass where he had to search for it. He was so excited I wish you here to see him; you would have been so proud."


Ozark, Missouri

"Right now he's tall and skinny and all legs. Is this the little man who cuddled me all the way home in the car a few month's ago?!?! The vet has commented that Chief is beautifully marked and is going to be a great looking dog. He's also very obedient - he seems to know NO! As you can see, we're nuts about him."

Meridith and Christopher

N. Canton, Ohio

"Our dog is terrific. She has great temperament, and has learned a great deal in the 3+ months we've had her. She is all that we had hoped for."

Ron and Kim

Wyoming, Michigan

"Thank you for selling me the most beautiful dog."


Taylor, Utah

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